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Forest and wood

With over 54% of the surface area of the Basque Country being forested, we can safely say that wood is one of the main raw materials we produce.

Our wood production yields per hectare are the highest in the state and we have a value chain that covers almost all the links of the products made of wood.

Today, social requirements demand sustainable, renewable materials that are capable of facilitating carbon sequestration. Wood meets these requirements perfectly, which is why it has become the material of the future.

Wood is not only a future resource, the techniques with which it is worked and the new materials and products extracted from it are creating a new world of possibilities, the forest-
based bioeconomy.

Step up, support the promotion of the forest based bioeconomy… we can help you.

Measures and aids: Forest and wood

To encourage enterprise in the area of the food and timber value chain, as well as linked to rural and coastal development, to position the Basque Country as a landmark in this respect.

To encourage actions to aid the transfer of digital knowledge to the agro-food sector and help to shape its strategies for technological innovation.

To encourage recovery in the pace of business activity through innovation in the food and timber value chains.

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