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Miramon Pasealekua 170, 20018, DONOSTIA - Gipuzkoa - España

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Sector: Informazioaren teknologia, informatika

HUPI. Specialists in Artificial Intelligence at the service of your business. We are a local company, rooted in the Basque Country since 2013

Intelligent solutions to accompany you in the day to day of your business and automate your decisions. HUPI puts Artificial Intelligence at the service of the operational needs of each client, designing, developing and implementing customized digital solutions, from the very heart of their business. These solutions provide day-to-day operational support for people who must make complex decisions on a daily basis or want to automate some of their decisions. In short, our virtual assistants offer your company's professionals their recommendations on the problems previously detected in your business, automatically and in real time.



Software platform to monitor, manage and propose automatic and real-time recommendations on specific problems of your business.

Take the leap from data visualization to automated recommendations.

Forget big graphs and incomprehensible databases, our Virtual Assistants offer you automatic recommendations that help you make smarter decisions.

We listen to your challenges and offer your company’s professionals advice and suggestions on specific problems automatically and in real time. Thus, we design, develop and execute solutions based on Artificial Intelligence tailored to your needs.

Each Virtual Assistant is controlled by Artificial Intelligence engines developed by our data scientists, experts in mathematics, machine learning and operational research, thus ensuring that they offer the best recommendations every day.

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