Margin and agricultural work unit (AWU/UTA) calculation tool

Through this calculator you can, in accordance with current regulations:

  • Obtain the theoretical gross margin from the detailed crops and livestock
  • Calculate the theoretical net margin of the farm
  • Estimate the theoretical labor needs

How to use this tool in order to calculate margins and AWU/UTA?

All existing or planned crops and livestock on the farm should be taken into account according to the existing production model (conventional, organic, with processing, etc.) for each of them and added to the "calculator" separately.

a) Registration of each crop or livestock

  1. First, select the "Group" to which the crop or livestock belongs. There are three possible options: "Agricultural crops", "Meadows and pastures" or "Livestock".
  2. Next, in the "Family/Livestock" block, select the corresponding crop or livestock type ("Grain cereals", "Vineyard", "Cattle", "Poultry", etc.). Depending on the "Group" previously selected, the drop-down list in this block varies.
  3. Thirdly, select in "Species/Type" the crop or livestock to be recorded ("Wheat", "Extensive irrigated grain bean", "Calving cows suitable for milk", "Mother rabbits", etc.). As in the previous case, the options will vary according to what was previously selected.
  4. In the "Units" section, the number of hectares or the number of heads of livestock of the corresponding animal or crop should be recorded.
  5. In the "Mod. Prod." block, the production model will be entered. This can be conventional or organic, it can be an unprocessed or processed product and it can be sold through fairs, including direct sales from the farm itself).

Once the data for a crop or livestock has been entered, the application will automatically calculate the Standard Gross Margin (SGM/MBS) and the labor requirements (AWU/UTA) for that crop or livestock.

If there are more crops or livestock in the farm, press the key and a new line will appear, to which the corresponding data should be added, as described in section a).

c) Once all the existing or planned crops and livestock on the farm have been entered, the "SUMMARY" section will show the Standard Gross Margin and the labor needs (AWU/UTA) by crop/livestock groups and for the total farm, as well as the Gross and Net Margin of the farm and the real labor needs (corrected AWUs/UTAs).

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Grupo Familia / Ganado Especie / Tipo Uds. Mod. prod. MBS UTA


The results shown are based on the margins, modules and coefficients established in the Order dated 31 March 2016 of the Economic Development and Competitiveness Department, which sets the gross margins for the various crops, the objective modules for the determination of Agricultural Work Units (UTAs) and the fixed expenditure ratios on farms in the Basque Autonomous Community (Basque Country Official Gazette dated 21/04/2016). Please note that these indicators and the associated results are based on statistical data from 2016 that were taken as a reference at the time of publication of the aforementioned Order. Therefore, the results displayed may not correspond to more recent statistical data and, in any case, are subject to any potential subsequent regulatory changes that may replace or update the indicators used at that time.
Please also bear in mind that due to being based on indicators and statistical data, the results shown are approximate estimates and do not reflect exact or binding results, given that they also depend on a wide variety of factors, such as weather circumstances, dimension, location and production system of each farm and other technical, productive or commercial factors. The results also depend on the precision, truthfulness and accuracy of the data entered by the calculator user. Therefore, the results shown should be taken as purely indicative estimates and the HAZI Fundazioa foundation accepts no liability for the use or decisions that may be made on the basis of such estimates.

ORDEN de 31 de marzo de 2016, de la Consejera de Desarrollo Económico y Competitividad, por la que se fijan los márgenes brutos de los diversos cultivos, los módulos objetivos para la determinación de las Unidades de Trabajo Agrario (UTA) y los coeficientes de gastos fijos en las explotaciones agrarias de la Comunidad Autónoma del País Vasco.

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Grupo Familia / Ganado Especie / Tipo Uds. Mod. prod. MBS UTA