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Juan Fermín Gilisagasti 2, 3-312 - 20018, Donostia - Gipuzkoa - España

688 868 831


Sector: Informazioaren teknologia, informatika

At xabet we improve companies’ operational processes by making profitable use of their data.


At xabet we carry out various projects in the field of artificial intelligence, with the aim of making the available data of the companies profitable. As a result we improve their daily operations and thus increase business efficiency.

The projects are customised to the context of the client. In the food sector, we have worked in the following areas:

Real-time warehouse control
Calculation of the warehouse rhythm in real time compared to the expected rhythm.
Projection of the order end time, in order to be able to evaluate compliance with the established truck departure time.

Optimisation of the supply chain process:
Projection of demand forecast and automation of process control indicators.
Gross margin projection based on the forecast.
S&OP dashboard generation.

Production line performance analysis:
Analysis of process variables to identify significant factors affecting product manufacturing performance in periods of apparent stability.

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