These registration conditions regulate the terms and conditions applicable to the registration of companies in the Companies’ Directory of this website. The completion of the registration application process entails full and unconditional acceptance of the conditions established at each moment by Fundación HAZI Fundazioa.

  • Registration in the Directory is completely voluntary and does not entail the applicant company’s registration in any public register nor is it official. The Directory is simply a public listing searchable through this website that aims to facilitate the consultation of companies and organisations that can contribute innovation and value-added services to the food value chain and rural and coastal environments.
  • Anyone who completes the company registration process declares and guarantees under their sole responsibility that they have sufficient authority or power to represent or act on behalf of the company whose registration they are applying for.
  • Anyone who completes the registration process guarantees the accuracy, lawfulness and truthfulness of all the information provided during the registration process and undertakes to notify Fundación HAZI Fundazioa of any amendment to the same. The applicant company exempts Fundación HAZI Fundazioa from any liability regarding the legality, accuracy, veracity or updating of the information provided.
  • The applicant company declares and guarantees that it owns the intellectual and/or industrial property rights to logos, trademarks, trade names and any other distinctive signs that it uses to identify itself on the market or that it has the necessary licenses or authorisations to use them. By applying for registration in the Directory, the company authorises Fundación HAZI Fundazioa to publish the logo, mark or any other distinctive signs provided during the registration process on this website. The company exempts Fundación HAZI Fundazioa from any liability regarding any claim associated with the use or publication thereof by Fundación HAZI Fundazioa.
  • Fundación HAZI Fundazioa does not perform any verification, check or validation of the applicant companies, nor of the quality or usefulness of its products or service that Fundación HAZI Fundazioa will only verify that the details of the application form have been correctly completed. The public registration in the Board of Directors is subject to said verification and will be reported to the company’s contact person.
  • The fact that it appears in the Directory does not entail the approval, recommendation, promotion or sponsorship of the company by Fundación HAZI Fundazioa or by the Basque Government or any other agency or entity appearing on this website. It also does not entail the existence of any kind of association or any other relationship between the company and the Fundación HAZI Fundazioa, the Basque Government or any of the aforementioned entities or bodies. Therefore, neither the company nor its representatives may state, declare or in any way imply that they have the approval or validation of the Fundación HAZI Fundazioa (or of the Basque Government or of any of the aforementioned entities or bodies), or that they maintain any legal relationship with them. Registration of the Directory also does not entitle the company to the right to use the logo or name of Fundación HAZI Fundazioa, or of the Basque Government or of any of the entities or bodies listed on this website.
  • The applicant company may apply for its withdrawal from the Directory at any time notifying Fundación HAZI Fundazioa of the same in writing.
  • Fundación HAZI Fundazioa reserves the option of removing the Companies’ Directory from its website at any time and without prior notice, without the right to seek compensation or make any claim by the company for such reason. Fundación HAZI Fundazioa may also disable the Board of Directors’ business in the event that it becomes aware that the Board has become extinct, dissolved or terminated.


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