EREIN programme (Private)


Grants for development and economic diversification in rural zones classified G4, G5 and G6, targeting private entities. There are three types.

  • a) Activities not related to the agricultural sector but that diversify said sector.
  • b) Establishment and development of micro-enterprises, SMEs (secondary and tertiary sector).
  • c) Net employment creation (non-agricultural companies, unless they are diversifying).


  • Natural or legal persons related to the agricultural sector and members of an operation's family unit.
  • Groups of natural persons or private legal persons without legal personality, jointly-owned entities or any other kind of economic unit or separated capital, even without legal personality.


Non-refundable subsidy.

Eligible costs are:

  • a) and b). Purchase of immovable assets; construction or renovation, purchase and financial lease of machinery and equipment; certain general costs; purchase/development of IT equipment, in-house work (max. 20% project), etc.
  • c) Costs related to hiring.

Maximum grant for types a) and b) may reach 45% of eligible costs and type c), up to 6,160 euros/job created and proportionate to the working hours hired.

Grant type


Sustainable Development Goals

Trabajo decente y crecimiento económico

Supporting Agents

Scope of application:

Araba - Bizkaia - Gipuzkoa

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This section contains a series of materials and tools provided free of charge by the HAZI Fundazioa Foundation to any interested party for the purpose of providing general guidance on certain aspects linked to the food and wood value chain, as well as rural and coastal development. Please note that these materials and tools are provided for informational and informational purposes only and are of a general nature, therefore meaning they may not correspond to the specific needs or circumstances of each particular case. The provision of these tools is not intended to replace professional advice that may be necessary for its correct interpretation, completion, application or adaptation under any circumstances. The HAZI Fundazioa foundation disclaims any liability with regard to the use of the tools and materials available in this section and offers no guarantee as to their usefulness, update, accuracy or suitability.

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