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Engineering, manufacturing and assembly of wooden structures and buildings

Please tell us what your business offers

Engineering, manufacturing and assembly of wooden structures and buildings for residential, industrial or service use, based on innovative construction solutions.

What’s your added value?

Egoin Group is dedicated to the engineering and execution of all types of wood constructions. For this purpose, our engineering and timber consultancy department advises in order to obtain the best technical solution, including the use of different timber structure technologies. The technologies are: traditional structures of pillars and beams, glulam structures of large spans and straight or curved geometries, Timber Frame construction systems and construction systems in cross-laminated timber panels (CLT). With these technologies we build from single-family houses, building rehabilitations, warehouses for public uses, sports facilities, shopping centers, warehouses and industrial uses and structural timber constructions in high-rise buildings for different areas: residential, hotel, retail, hospital and education. To develop this activity, the Egoin Group has its own state-of-the-art technology means in the different links of the value chain, from the first transformation of the wood, through the design, engineering and manufacturing of its own constructive solutions and ending with the construction and assembly of structures and buildings.

In order to be able to offer the above products / services in the market, the following technologies are handled: – Engineering of construction and rehabilitation projects in wood, using the latest technologies. – Wood treatment and knowledge of materials applicable to construction. – Treatment and use of local, autochthonous wood (especially radiata pine) in wood construction projects. – Production process, first and second transformation of wood, with the latest technological means. – Pre-assembly and assembly techniques. – Advanced logistics and storage management. – Conservation and maintenance of buildings. In its offer, Egoin Group wants to be characterized by the following values: – Commitment to quality. – Added value of the designs. – Avant-garde in new technologies. – Flexibility to adapt to customer needs and meet their demands. – Use of local and autochthonous raw materials (wood) and commitment to the environment.

Who makes up your company?

The current staff of the Egoin group consists of a total of 130 people. The current management team is made up of the following people: CEO – General Management: Unai Aguirre. Quality and R&D&I Manager: Salomé Temiño. HR Manager: Nerea Macías. Sales Manager: Unai Gorroño. Production Manager: Unai Trujillo. Purchasing and Legutio Plant Management Manager: José Ramón Fuertes. Engineering Manager: Beñat Serna. Assembly Manager: Iñaki Aranda. Administration and Finance Manager: Ángel Susaeta.

Why did you decide to invest in Euskadi, what institutional support have you had?

The company has always had its headquarters in the Basque Country, which is also where it centralizes its operations. Additionally, the zero kilometer strategy translates into having high added value products based mainly on local raw material (radiata pine from Euskadi), with its consequent positive repercussions on the company itself and its environment. From the moment of its start-up, the Egoin Group has received support from both the Provincial Council of Bizkaia and the Basque Government, focused both on the business design stage and on its start-up as well as on its consolidation stage in terms of investment, training, internationalization, management improvement, R&D&I, etc.

What resources in the Basque Country would you recommend to future investors? (logistics, qualification of people, R&D network, institutional support, supplier network, quality of life, soil qualities,…).

In general, a mix of all of them.

How do you see the company in 10 years?

Today, while maintaining its basic principles and its original culture, the EGOIN Group is a highly innovative business group focused on diversifying its market. This is reflected in its vocation to develop wood-based construction solutions that respond to the most emerging market trends (sustainability; energy efficiency; the technical requirements of contemporary architecture…) and in its commitment to having a presence in the main geographic markets where wood construction plays an important role. The EGOIN Group intends to continue strengthening its investment and training in R&D in order to be the benchmark for wood construction solutions. Specifically, the Egoin Group’s vision is to be the SOLUTION in SUSTAINABLE WOOD CONSTRUCTION, and where the forestry-wood sector will be key to the development of BIOECONOMICS. In this way, the Egoin Group aims to become a European benchmark in the sustainable wood construction sector; with a high degree of digitalization and based on the excellence of its services aimed at customers and prescribers; integrating the entire value chain, with its own technical department, its own raw material manufacturing, numerical control manufacturing, assembly workshop, prefabrication and turnkey assembly. The Egoin Group’s Strategic Project for the period 2021 – 2024 has as its mission to turn the Group into a technological and market reference in the wood construction sector in Southern Europe, covering all the links in the value chain, from the first transformation of wood, through the design, engineering and manufacture of its own construction solutions and ending with the construction and assembly of structures and buildings, using its own state-of-the-art technology. And all of the above, motivated and inspired by values and references such as sustainability, circular economy, the traction of companies in the sector, quality, safety and innovation.

Awards and recognitions to be highlighted

Our collaborations in different projects have received several recognitions and architectural awards both nationally and internationally. To give some examples: the Pisa building in Cornella de Llobregat where 85 houses have been built with wood technologies has won the FAD award or the 6×6 housing block in Girona also built entirely in wood for 35 houses has recently been nominated for the contemporary architecture award of the European Union, Mies Van Der Rohe 2022 award. Also at the management level, the Provincial Council of Bizkaia has recognized us as a reference company in management.

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