More than 100 Speaking Sessions and over 2,000 Attendees Expected at the 6th Annual Basque Industry 4.0, The Meeting Point Event


Basque Industry 4.0, The Meeting Point is a key annual event for Industry 4.0, currently in its 6th and largest year so far with more than 2,000 attendees and 180 companies exhibiting, plus important innovators presenting new solutions and discussing current trends in the industry. November 20-21, 2019 marks the date for the event organized each year by the Basque Government and SPRI Group and will take place in the Pavilion at the Bilbao Exhibition Center, BEC.

The conference, which will host more than 100 speaking sessions, consists of different settings and activities including; a large exhibition area dedicated to companies with Industry 4.0 technology, a workshop area, an experimentation zone, a cybersecurity area and a networking space in addition to the panel discussions, case presentations, interviews, and roundtables. Based in Basque Country, an epicenter for industry and innovation, The Meeting Point has established itself as an essential event for connection and synchronicities, for startups, investors and Industry leaders.

The Bind 4.0 Acceleration Program and the Meeting Point events are part of the Basque Industry 4.0 Strategy, developed by the Basque Government based on the industrial framework and technological capabilities of the region. As stated by the Euskadi tourism board, “Industry is the driving force of the Basque economy, accounting for 21.7% of GDP, and it aims to lead the fourth industrial revolution.”


Industry Leaders, Technology Innovators, Entrepreneurs, Investors, and Educators gather to discuss, improve and secure the present and future of the industry. The Bind 4.0 Acceleration Program is a key player in this annual event, which is not only an important meeting point for Industry 4.0 and Cybersecurity but also a launchpad for the Finalists in the latest edition and the Bind 4.0 Alumni who have the opportunity to share their Use-Cases in a public platform, side by side with the collaborating Partners. This year Bind 4.0 will be represented by ABB and Engidi, Sidenor and Immersia, Mercedes Benz and Neuron Soundware, BTI and Samylabs and Arcelor Mittal and Opencloud Factory, who will share the results of their Industry 4.0 projects.


Startups and Investors alike benefit from the workshops, use cases, demonstrations on the expo floor and the panels and presentations regarding the exciting direction technology is headed. The Meeting Point provides not only connection, education and innovation but this event also clarifies the great need for and reception by large companies to adapt to the digital industrial era.

Large companies in the region (like ABB, Gestamp, Mercedes Benz, Sidenor, etc.) participate as they continue to keep their companies invested in the innovation in industry and talent in the Basque Country.

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