Conditions of the ONekin! Programme

Applying to participate in the ONekin! programme entails the full and unreserved acceptance of the following conditions by any person, company or organisation promoting the project (hereinafter, the “Participant” or the “Promoter”).

  • The services offered by HAZI are intended to support, back and guide the project Promoters, providing them with sectoral recommendations and other kinds of tools and information that intend to support and guide them during the implementation of their project. These services do not entail or constitute any legal, financial, tax, accounting, or other consultation under any circumstances. 
  • HAZI is restricted to offering guidance, support and assistance to the Promoters. HAZI has no responsibility for the preparation of documentation, evaluation, or validation of the viability of the project apart from issuing opinions or general recommendations based on its experience and knowledge of the sector. The Promoter is exclusively responsible for managing and executing all aspects of the project under his/her own professional or personal criteria.
    Any tools, information and recommendations that may be provided by HAZI are merely indicative in value and in no case constitute or should be taken as binding, specific or definitive conclusion.
  • The Promoter understands and accepts the following conditions with regard to services aimed at facilitating contact with agents in the value chain:
    • HAZI is limited to mediating and facilitating contact with agents from the sector who, according to HAZI’s criteria and taking into account the nature or scope of the project, may be interested in supporting or participating in the project in some way,either as potential investors, customers, collaborators or suppliers. HAZI assumes no commitment or guarantee for results in this regard of any type.
    • HAZI limits itself to informing these agents of the features of the project, providing them with information about the same and the Participant to allow them to evaluate their interest in collaborating or participating in some way in the implementation or development of the project. 
    • In its mediation work, HAZI may share any documents and information related to the project with these agents (such as company presentations, business plans, investor deck or similar) that the Participant has provided to HAZI. Participation in the ONekin! programme therefore involves the authorisation of the Participant for HAZI to share the aforementioned documentation and their contact details with the aforementioned agents.
    • The Participant is exclusively responsible for the preparation of the descriptive documentation for his/her project. HAZI assumes no duties regarding the validation or verification of the information contained in the documents provided by the Participant. 
    • The Participant is responsible for the veracity, accuracy, legality and suitability of the information contained in the documentation provided to HAZI for these purposes, waiving HAZI from any responsibility in this regard.
    • Apart from mediating in the contact process, HAZI does not participate or intervene in any negotiation or the formalisation of contractual or commercial relationships that may arise as a result of the contacts provided, nor does it assume any responsibility regarding any relationships that the Promoter/and the agents contacted may directly establish with each other. HAZI also waives any kind of responsibility regarding how the agents contacted use the documentation sent to them.
  • With regard to services aimed at providing information about alternative programmes or entrepreneurship grants, HAZI is limited to providing the Promoter with general information about certain existing aid programs based on their previous experience and the nature of the project, where the Participant is solely responsible for verifying the    requisites to access the programmes or aid in the resolutions, calls or official bulletins, as well as the dates of the calls and submission of documentation. HAZI assumes no obligation in relation to the verification of the requisites of the project or the promoter to opt for or participate in the aid programmes, or to get involved in the preparation, drafting, management or validation of the documentation necessary to apply for such aid. HAZI offers no guarantee whatsoever that the Participant may receive the aid about which it is offering information. 
  • The Promoter will be able to publicise his/her participation in the ONekin! programme and use the official logo in his/her informative material for the purpose of proving that he/she belongs to the same, but may not express, declare or in any way imply that his/her business project has been approved or validated by HAZI and/or Basque government. In any case, the Promoter will refrain from using or including the logo in any material or document that may contain any written text or image that infringes Law or the rights of third parties, that may be defamatory, obscene, sexist, denigrating. or offensive, that induces illicit or fraudulent conduct of any kind or that promotes hatred against any group. The Participant agrees to use the logo in accordance the instructions provided by HAZI at all times and must cease its use if required to do so by HAZI.
  • HAZI reserves the option to reject any projects in the ONekin! programme that do not meet the requirements to participate in the programme, either because they are not linked to the food and wood value chain or are related to the rural or coastal environment, either because they lack sufficient specificity or degree of growth or development. 
  • The Participant is exclusively responsible for the observance and compliance of all regulations and legal obligations that are applicable or enforceable at all times, both in relation to their project and with respect to their professional or business activity.

HAZI may exclude any Participants from the project who do not meet a minimum level of seriousness and professionalism or who perform any inappropriate or abusive actions that may be detrimental or especially burdensome for HAZI, as well as any projects that have been abandoned for a prolonged period of time by the Participant. Participants may also be excluded when the conditions or obligations related to the ONekin! programme are breached as established in this document or in any other instruction that HAZI or the institutions involved in the same may establish in the future.