Individual businessperson


An individual businessperson (empresario individual) is a natural person who is going to conduct an economic activity in order to obtain profit.

The main characteristics of an individual businessperson are:

  • These are natural persons who regularly, personally, directly, in self-employed fashion and outside the scope of another person’s management and organisation, conduct an economic or professional activity for profit, regardless of whether or not they employ workers.
  • Said freelance or self-employed activity may be full- or part-time
  • As a natural person, they are liable for their debts and obligations with their own personal equity.
  • Their NIF (Tax ID Number) is their own DNI (National ID Number)
  • They pay taxes through the Personal Income Tax (IRPF) (economic activity annex).
  • Consider
    • Progressive taxation.
    • In principle, unlimited liability.

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